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Education Child Protection is a specialist child protection and safeguarding training company working with organisations across all sectors who come into contact with children, young people, families and adults at risk.

We provide consultancy and training from our highly experienced safeguarding consultants, to ensure all your child protection and safeguarding training requirements are being met.

We offer our training through both face-to-face training courses and online training options.

We pride ourselves on delivering services of the highest standard that has a positive impact on those who receive it.

To see more about our child protection training courses that range from introductory safeguarding training to advanced safeguarding, and include our popular online safety training and much more, please visit the COURSES section of this website.


Education Child Protection can provide bespoke content for your organisation based on local authority area and the sector you work in.

If you are unsure if you need safeguarding training, as well as how often staff need to be trained, Education Child Protection can advise on the requirements to meet organisational, statutory and best practice standards.

Ensuring that your organisation has a suitable team in place that have the appropriate skills and knowledge around safeguarding and child protection is important – it ensures you are meeting your responsibility to keep those you come into contact with safe from harm. Education Child Protection’s training aims to increase individual’s knowledge and confidence in their specific area of work whether this is children, adults, or any vulnerable groups.

Our range of training courses provide the most appropriate content for our participants. With many of courses being CPD accredited this means our training has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmark and ensures integrity and quality.

Education Child Protection will ensure you book the right training or service for you and your organisation. Depending on the course you choose it will provide you with the knowledge and skills to be confident in tackling safeguarding related matters where questions arise such as; How can I stay safe online? What do I do if I have a safeguarding concern? What can I do if I’m worried about someone’s safety? How can I make this safer for my pupils / young people / service users? Where can I learn more about safeguarding and stay up to date?

Our virtual training courses are available as an alternative to face-to-face training, whilst still maintaining the highest standards of delivery.

Some of our training sessions are available as a recorded package. Our live training sessions aim to deliver an interactive, engaging training course that is as close to face-to-face training as we can provide. We understand that it isn’t always possible to get everyone you need to complete the training in the same room and so by providing you with an expert safeguarding training consultant to virtually deliver the training still means you will have high quality training that delivers the same outcomes; to increase knowledge, awareness and confidence in dealing with safeguarding issues.

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