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I use ECP Ltd for all of our safeguarding needs and training. In particular, ECP have delivered full staff training on all safeguarding issues (3 hour course) as well as online safety training for staff, parents and pupils (whole day course). The extent of their knowledge is second to none and the delivery techniques are engaging, thought-provoking and – for such a sensitive topic – never dull. Every member of the team brings their own unique way of delivering and I have always been impressed by their personal approach.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed the online safety sessions and the parents were challenged and left feeling better placed to support their children at home. Having worked with staff who always groan about having to have safeguarding sessions, since using ECP Ltd, the staff have said they are looking forward to the training!

I would always highly recommend ECP Ltd for any safeguarding training.

Josh Newham
Headteacher and DSL
Forty Hill CE Primary School, Enfield
child protection training courses

Training received from us:  
DSL training,
Whole School Safeguarding training,
Online Safety Training for staff, children and parents

This was an intense, fast paced invaluable training session, designed to ensure delegates had a full understanding of how to continuously promote and reflect on providing high quality safeguarding within their working communities. The content of the course was current and focussed towards a Designated Safeguarding Lead action plan, giving guidance on training for all stakeholders, use of local partnerships, when to involve police, serious case study reviews and highlighting documents and policies to support a robust safeguarding culture. Our specialist trainer had many top tips, tackled potential barriers and installed confidence in the delegates to cascade ideas and information back in their settings.

I would highly recommend this ECP training session to any school wanting to promote an ongoing high standard safeguarding culture.

Cathy Daniels
Behaviour and Interventions Manager and part of the Safeguarding Team
Mill Hill County High School

child protection training courses

Training received from us:  
6 hour course-Safeguarding for Designated Staff

We have enjoyed working with ECP for over 10 years covering all levels of training and a wide variety of topics. ECP have worked with us to tailor the training so it is relevant for a District Council as we have a variety of job roles to relate the training to.

Our officers value the training and have stated they find it extremely informative, easy to understand and are able to relate it to their job roles which has been hugely beneficial.

This training has given our officers the confidence they needed when making referrals and raising questions around safeguarding. All the trainers at ECP are highly knowledgeable, approachable and make the training engaging for all.

I would highly recommend ECP for any safeguarding training and look forward to seeing them later in the year.

Gemma Mitchell
Safeguarding Support Officer
North Hertfordshire District Council
child protection training courses

Training received from us:  
Level 1 & Level 2 Child and Adult Safeguarding (many times)
Prevent & Modern Slavery training

I’m delighted that Monkey Puzzle is in partnership with ECP. The quality of training delivery has been exceptionally high, but more than that, the alignment with what we’re trying to achieve as a franchisor has been invaluable. I’m pleased that we have built a strong relationship with Nicole and know that ECP will be a fundamental part of us delivering against our objectives this year and beyond, not only in terms of training provision, but with outstanding consultancy to help us deliver excellence to our franchisee network. The flexibility and professionalism of the online training platform will help take us to the next level. ECP are not our supplier, they are our business partner.

Richard Blunden
Group Managing Director
Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries

child protection training courses

Training received from us:  
Child Protection Awareness / DSL training / Safer Recruitment / Consultancy

Working with Apprentices in school-based settings it is essential that we deliver safeguarding training that is relevant for the age range and bespoke to ensure we cover areas that we know can be challenges for individuals stepping into a professional, children centered work setting.

We have been working with Nicole and ECP for as long as we can remember and in all my years of experience in both the teaching and Training Provider world, I have never before witnessed spontaneous applause in response to the completion of an intense delivery of relevant, appropriate Safeguarding Training. The Staff delivery of CPD relating to Safer Recruitment and Designated Leads Training kept the already experienced SFT team fully engaged and asking questions even when the intense training had finished.

This is testament to the delivery methods and level of engagement by ECP and is our reason for inviting them back year upon year to deliver to our cohorts of Apprentices and to our safeguarding team.

As an organisation we would fully recommend the professional delivery by Nicole and ECP.
Thank you.

Jill Eaton
Sporting Futures Training

child protection training courses

Training received from us:  
Child Protection Awareness / DSL training / Safer Recruitment training

HQ Theatres & Hospitality has worked in partnership with ECP for the past four years. Although ECP had previously primarily delivered training to the education sector, Nicole Williamson and her team embraced the opportunity to share ECP’s breadth of knowledge and experience and make it relevant for the theatre industry. ECP spent time learning and understanding how theatre venues engage with children, young persons and vulnerable adults, enabling them to devise a bespoke HQT&H Safeguarding training programme. Delivery, course materials and post-training resources are very good and Nicole welcomes feedback at every point of engagement. The training sessions always provoke questions, debate and further internal review of our policies and procedures, which is vital for the continued safeguarding of our workers, volunteers, performers and visitors.

ECP has been played a key role in positioning HQT&H is an industry leader in safeguarding policy, procedures and best practice.

Alvin Hargreaves
COO & Lead Safeguarding Officer
HQ Theatres & Hospitality

child protection training courses

Training received from us:  
Various Safeguarding & Responsible Persons Training

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