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Workshops to enrich and support the delivery of relationships education, relationships sex education (RSE) and the Health Education Curriculum.

Workshop information:

Our Online Safety sessions offer pupils, parents and professionals up to date information and insight into the online world.

Supporting pupils with their digital literacy and positive decision making, online safety sessions inform and empower with the knowledge and tools of how to keep safe online.

Designed with a whole school approach from Reception to Year 6, sessions are delivered in assembly format and vary depending on key stage. Click below for more information.

TOPICS covered:

Sessions include the following at an age-appropriate level:

  • Understanding of how to report concerns online
  • Online Safety films relevant for age range
  • Clarification of personal information including privacy settings within games and within apps
  • How to respond to cyber-bullying
  • Explanation of grooming and how it may occur online
As part of our online safety offer, we have sessions available for staff and parents which you can access either individually, or as part of a package. See below for further details.